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AN00715133_001_l O.jpg
silver coin

AN00715161_001_l O.jpg
silver coin

AN00715159_001_l O.jpg
silver coin

AN00715157_001_l O.jpg
silver coin

Silver fragment (hacksilver) cut from the inner end of the sub-triangular terminal of a bossed penannular brooch with one plain, domed boss surviving that is faceted round the base; at the hoop end of the piece there is a slight step up to a…

Gold arm-ring of narrow band with punched decoration and tapering ends which have been drawn into wires and loosely twisted two-and-a-quarter turns round each other; complete, but slightly distorted in places. The decoration consists of two…

Silver fragment (hacksilver) cut from the sub-triangular terminal of a bossed penannular brooch with a beaded border and three of probably four plain, domed bosses surviving, two of which have thick filigree collars remaining round the bases; the…

AN00715173_001_l O.jpg
silver coin

AN00715121_001_l O.jpg
silver coin

AN00715142_001_l O.jpg
silver coin

AN00715163_001_l O.jpg
silver coin

AN01158711_001_l 3.jpg
Silver J-shaped length of plain rod of rounded, squarish section with coiled tapering end, possibly cut from a neck- or arm-ring; nine testing nicks round the outside; hacksilver.

Silver narrow, U-shaped length of plain, tapering, lozenge-sectioned rod, probably from an arm-ring, or perhaps from a brooch pin, cut and broken at both ends; three of the angles have a single testing nick on each and the fourth has three;…

AN01158711_001_l 2.jpg
Silver length of plain, twisted rod cut at both ends from a neck- or arm-ring; spiral seam from twisting; two testing nicks on one side and three or more on the other; hacksilver.

Silver S-shaped length of two plain, thin rods twisted together and with one end doubled back on itself; cut at both ends from an arm-ring; three testing nicks on one side; hacksilver.

Silver triple-folded length of two thin rods twisted together; from a neck-ring or arm-ring; four or five testing nicks towards one of the folded ends; hacksilver.

Silver length of two thin, tapering rods twisted together, roughly folded up six times and squashed together; from a neck-ring; two testing nicks; hacksilver.

Silver length of broad, bar-shaped ingot of flattish, rectangular section cut across both ends; six or more testing nicks on one angle, two on another with two on the adjacent side and three on the oppsite angle; hacksilver.

AN00715125_001_l O.jpg
silver coin

Silver ingot of rounded, sub-triangular section, tapering to one end; two testing nicks on each of the top edges and one on the base.
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