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Silver penannular arm-ring of plain 'ring-money' type, of thick, circular section rod with a slightly hammered appearance; dents and pitting all round the inside and two testing nicks (or more?); slightly tapering to straight-cut terminals.

Lead fragments of sheet covering or container.

Silver length of an ingot of ovoid section, cut at both ends; a testing nick on each side; hacksilver.

Silver long, rib-shaped length of an ingot of ovoid section, cut at the broader end and curved up and broken at the other; three testing nicks on one side and two on the other; hacksilver.

Silver arm-ring of plain, tapered rod with the ends folded in and probably originally knotted together, but the knot later cut away; lightly striated surface; a series of fourteen testing nicks round the outside and five or more on the inside;…

AN00714520_001_l 2.jpg
Silver lower end of a pin probably from a (?)bossed penannular brooch, cut obliquely and probably joining 2009,8023.11, with long, flattened, pointed end bent back on itself and incised with a zigzag on one side and very faint traces of another on…

Silver coiled-up length of a neck-ring of six plaited rods with one long, plain, hook-ended terminal surviving with a flattened, rolled end; one testing nick on the terminal and one on a rod; hacksilver.

Silver arm-ring of two rods twisted together and tapering to the back, where two of the ends are twisted together; slightly distorted; one testing nick on one side and two on the other.

Silver arm-ring of broad penannular band with the ends folded in and the whole then flattened; irregular, plain edges enclose punched decoration consisting of two outer rows of triple-pelleted, convex-sided triangles (or 'heater' shapes) pointing…

Silver fragment of slightly buckled sheet with a curved outer edge, raggedly cut from a disc brooch or other circular piece of jewellery, with punched decoration of triple-pelleted triangles pointing inwards round the edge, two hollow bosses in a…

Silver upper end of the pin of a (?)bossed penannular brooch with broad, plain, looped, ovoid head.tapering to the shaft, which has been cut obliquely about a third way along; probably joins 2009,8023.12; hacksilver. Two testing nicks on one side of…

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silver coin

AN00715169_001_l O.jpg
silver coin

AN00715167_001_l O.jpg
silver coin

AN00715155_001_l O.jpg
silver coin

AN00715171_001_l O.jpg
silver coin

AN00715097_001_l O.jpg
silver coin

AN00715118_001_l O.jpg
silver coin

AN00715116_001_l O.jpg
silver coin

AN00735714_001_l O.jpg
silver coin
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